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Here at Direct2florist, we provide a range of services for florists both in the UK and worldwide. Our relay service has a low relay fee and no monthly charges and includes our exclusive free software to help you manage your orders. Annual Membership to D2F includes software, worldwide relay and inclusion on the D2F website.

UK membership £150 + vat. In Australia membership is $200 / New Zealand its $175 / Ireland €75

Here at Direct2Florist, we like to think differently when it comes to relay. That’s why our service doesn’t conform to the industry norm - instead it goes further by offering florists a relay solution that actually works for you - not a corporate giant that’s simply looking to make a fat profit. So what makes our service different? Click Here to learn more. Direct2florist membership includes software, relay and listing on Direct2florist.

In the UK membership costs £150 + Vat. Australia $200 / New Zealand $175 / Ireland €75 

Running a floristry business is no easy task, which is why we know you’ll love Direct2florist’s brilliant D2F Florist Manager software package. Click Here to learn more. Florist Manager APP is available FREE with your membership of Direct2florist - and just like the software it works for every member in every country around the world. All you need is an Android or iPhone.


Software and APP come FREE of charge with your D2F membership.  

Being open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week is possible – if you have your own website. That’s why Direct2Florist offers its member florists – whether newly signed-up or a longstanding member – a fully bespoke website design and build service. The bespoke service means that Direct2Florist will build the website specifically for you, to your specification, with your corporate look and the pages/features that you want. Click Here to learn more.

Direct2florist bespoke website costs £300 + vat and £5 a month. Special offers for florists in Australia and New Zealand. Florists in other countries please contact

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